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Learn from the Best
  • Seasonal Flower Class
    • Ksh. 3500 Per Session
    • How to make Japanese trendy seasonal flower lesson.

      Twice a month: Thursday 10:30am ~12:30pm

      Saturday  11:00 ~ 13:00

      Private and group sessions are available by request.

      Take our beginners open studio class to learn tips and tricks for better designing.

      Technique・Style・After care・Make Japanese style Arrangement of Flower and Seasonal Arrangement

  • Enjoy Coffee and Flower Lesson
    • Ksh. 3500 Per Session
    • Enjoy coffee and flower class – Every 1st Tuesday of the month

      Time : 10:00~12:00pm
      Venue : Connect Coffee /Riverside drive – Top Flr Connect Coffee

      Session  : Flower Arrangement and technique .

      Cost inclusive of flower material and highly devoured Connect Coffee drinks

  • Professional Flower Design
    • Ksh. 4000 Per Lesson
    • 1 Lesson for Sh 4,000/= to a total of 12 lessons (1 lesson 2 hours)

      This series of classes starts at the very beginning of floral design and teaches the foundation level skills in floral design.

      Skills include: How to correctly handle and care for flowers, how to use a floral knife and scissors.

      After learning the basic floristry technique in the introduction series, the advanced design will introduce the next level of floral design skills and techniques Including purchasing flowers and building recipes.

  • Weekend Flower Workshop
    • Ksh. 3500 Per Session
    • Happiness Flower 🌸All my best to your little miracle..

      If you love flowers, our workshops is the perfect place for you .

      Once a month Occasionally 3rd Saturday and Sunday ( Price inclusive of flower materials and flower experience )

      Venue: Saturday BAHATI FLOWER STUDIO 11-1pm
      Sunday  GIgiriCraftcenter 1-3pm

      From learning to making Wreath, Swags, Christmas Wreath , New year decollations, Flower Rei, Flower corn and  many more.Invite a friend and lets share the memorable experience

      * If you want private lesson for group of 3 or 4 is available on request.

  • Preserved Flowers
    • Ksh. 5000 Per Session
    • Preserved Flower Arrangements have all the realistic beauty to alive flower without any of maintenance.

      Once a month Wednesday: 10:30~12:30pm  (including flower Material and after Coffee)

      This is a lesson that you are able to experience preserved flower very easy, of course for the first time beginner can also learn from basic wiring, No need to worry about all.

  • Kids Class
    • Ksh. 2500 Per Session
    • Twice a month Saturday 10:30~12:00pm (including flower and after drinks)

      HANAIKU is a Japanese education for kids to foster a sense of beauty and appreciation of life, through experience worth plants and flowers.

      HANA 花 means “FLOWERS” and IKU 育 means to foster to educate to cultivate.

      * If you want private lesson for group of 3 or 4 is available on request.

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Please make a reservation,  atleast five (5) days before the session
Confirm attendance three (3) days before the lessons begin.
Reservation can be made by email or telephone , WhatsApp and SMS.

Group Policy

Group of more than three (3) people, time and place can be requested.


Payment required atleast 1 (one) week before the class.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

Sessions cancelled after 5 (five) days before class, Bahati will refund in full.

No refund for session cancelled 3 (three) days before the session

Session cancelled on the D-day, will attract full payment and flower delivered to your place ( client to pay for delivery cost )

Thank you for your corporation and enjoy a memorable flower experience.